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Commercial Services

Commercial Services

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LCE helps organizations enhance cost efficiency, achieve compliance standards, and improve throughput. When you partner with LCE, you can access our services that are also focused on providing support for the identification, deployment, and monitoring of smart manufacturing and operations technology in support of Digital Transformations.

Manager supervisor and industrial worker in uniform walking in large metal factory hall and talking about increasing production.

Consulting and Services

We bring decades of experience in operational excellence, life cycle asset management, and proven reliability centered maintenance and risk management best practices.

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Education and Training

Life Cycle Institute delivers world-class training and certifications in person and online for reliability engineering, maintenance management, RCA, work planning and scheduling, and other topics.

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LCEsmartr Playbook

Accelerate and sustain improvements with our customizable online system for reliability, asset management and digital operations. Complete with eLearning, assessments, digital tools and standard work packages for your team.


Talent and Staffing

We can fill gaps on your team with highly qualified full-time or part-time reliability engineering and maintenance management experts to complement your existing workforce.

Why work with Life Cycle Engineering?

Since 1976, LCE has helped companies effectively manage their physical asset portfolios, leading to cost savings through resource prioritization, reduced failure costs, and minimized downtime. Our experience in industrial operations, combined with our commitment to help you solve critical business problems, can deliver the results you are looking for.

To discover how we can help you with your unique challenges, contact us.

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A smart operation is the goal. A smart culture is the formula.

Align your people, processes, assets and technology to create a smart operation.

Looking to increase outputs, drive costs down, seeking ISO 55000 certification, or achieve more through smart manufacturing and operations technology?

Reliability, asset management and digital transformation work won’t achieve results if you’re not planning for how people will approach new ways of working. We can help your organization adopt a smart culture and improve operations.

Factory Area

Industries We Serve

LCE proudly partners with commercial and government clients to help them operate more effectively and achieve their objectives. We serve clients in a wide variety of industrial organizations, including the ones highlighted here.


Energy and Utilities

Our energy and utilities clients often seek support in improving outage management, accelerating performance improvements, and documenting and transferring knowledge as their workforce matures.

Offshore oil and gas  platform with beautiful sky in the gulf of Thailand.

Oil and Gas

These clients operate in a heavily regulated environment and work with LCE to harness digital transformation and manage workforce development.

Medical vials on production line at pharmaceutical factory, Pharmaceutical machine working pharmaceutical glass bottles production line, Generative AI

Life Sciences

Life sciences clients are under significant pressure to increase output while continuing to meet standards and regulations. We help these clients get the most out of their physical assets, prevent drug shortages and achieve regulatory compliance.

Mass production assembly line of modern cars in a busy factory

Automotive Manufacturing

In the automotive industry, optimization of physical assets and OEE, and workforce development and upskilling are priorities.

Packing machine with a roll of film for loaves of bread

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage manufacturers are challenged to strike a balance between increasing production and decreasing costs while maintaining regulatory compliance and retaining their employee base.

Aerial view of oil refinery during sunrise.


A heavily regulated and safety-conscious industry, chemicals clients are often seeking a competitive edge and getting the most out of physical assets, including implementing digital transformation initiatives and improving capital decision making and productivity.

Metal coils machine. Interior of factory. Business concept.


Mining and metals clients are grappling with increased demand for minerals and metals and historically low commodity prices, driving them to seek optimal efficiencies at low costs. We often work with these clients on change management and lean systems.

Supervisor and manager watching plastic bottles on conveyor belt

Consumer Package Goods

CPG manufacturing clients are seeking a competitive advantage through digital transformation, intensive asset management, and employee development, upskilling and reskilling.

Electric passenger train drives at high speed among urban landscape


In the transportation sector, we help our clients develop asset management cultures to increase reliability, decrease risk and costs, and build endurance into programs.

Cyber security and protection of private information and data concept. Locks on blue integrated circuit. Firewall from hacker attack.


We first started working in cybersecurity as part of our government and military work. We are seeing an increased need and desire from our industrial clients for cybersecurity support and training.

Aerial view recirculation solid contact clarifier sedimentation tank, Water treatment solution, Industrial water treatment‎.


With non-manufacturing clients, we work to establish asset management strategies, enhance compliance, and reinforce service capacity and reliability, leading to improved cost-efficiency and performance.

What is smart culture?

A smart operation is the goal. A smart culture is the formula.