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LCEsmartr Playbook

LCEsmartr Playbook

The plan, the process,
the tools - the LCEsmartr Playbook

An online toolkit for achieving smart operations, powered by reliability and operational excellence.

The LCEsmartr Playbook is a cloud-based, customizable toolkit and curated instruction manual. It leverages our extensive experience in asset management and reliability to offer foundational building blocks for reliability excellence, including change management tools and eLearning. The LCEsmartr Playbook empowers your organization to cultivate a smart culture and accelerate your journey to operational excellence.

What is a smart culture?

A smart operation has achieved some level of digital transformation. Connected machines, machine learning, artificial intelligence and autonomous or semi-autonomous actions are turning traditional equipment into “smart machines.”

Smart operations start with smart cultures. Smart cultures consider the whole picture of your operations, including people, technology, processes and physical assets. Learn more about smart culture here.

The LCEsmartr Playbook comes complete with:

  • A “do-it yourself” implementation guide, complete with change management and project management essentials
  • Work stream self-assessments to benchmark your operations to industry best practices 
  • Work processes for the complete asset life cycle, from capital design and delivery through work management, MRO materials management and reliability engineering
  • Hundreds of tools, reports and KPIs curated in an easy-to-find system to support reliability and asset management programs
  • A complete suite of online training for asset management and reliability best practice
  • Available in multiple languages!

You can:

Lower operational costs, increase production capacity and performance

LCEsmartr Playbook has detailed standard work implementation packages including 50+ work process flow charts, detailed step definitions, responsibility charts and coaching cards for key reliability and asset management functions

Reduce downtime, extend asset life, improve safety/regulatory compliance

Use the self-assessments in LCEsmartr Playbook to determine your operational current state. Apply customized, standard processes and use online training to harmonize the enterprise and easily share best practices. Use the KPIs inside the Playbook to monitor progress and report results!

Strengthen the organization’s adaptability to change and a life cycle asset management mindset

Apply proven change management tools and resources to help reliability leaders guide an organization through a transformation

Reduce failure risk and increase consistency in plant operations

Quickly establish standard work based on reliability centered maintenance and risk-based asset management philosophy. LCEsmartr also includes the change support tools to increase adoption and proficiency in the “new way” of work.

Easily enable global and geographically dispersed teams with a common toolkit

LCEsmartr Playbook includes just in time, self-paced online training and the entire Playbook is available in multiple languages!

Onboard new employees faster with clear expectations for their roles and responsibilities

LCEsmartr Playbook has 6+ online courses that comprise 18 days of classroom instruction in performance-driven, self-paced online solutions for critical reliability and asset management disciplines like work management, storeroom and materials management, reliability engineering and capital planning.

Achieve a consistent, enterprise-wise vocabulary and knowledge baseline around asset management and reliability.

In addition to over 50 hours on online learning, LCEsmartr Playbook has 200+ dynamic and downloadable tools, templates and resources including a scorecard and dashboard, a Weibull calculator, FMEA workbooks, and more.

Build a continuous improvement culture

LCEsmartr Playbook promotes faster adoption of asset management and reliability best practices through change management methods, eLearning, and step-by-step instructions to drive a continuous improvement mindset in your organization.

Visualize performance and system adoption, enabling you to make data-driven business decisions and see progress

LCEsmartr Playbook dashboards visualize logins, eLearning progress, assessments, and more to gauge Playbook adoption and use. We can also design custom dashboards that display operational KPIs

Accelerate your ability to meet ISO 55000 asset management standard compliance

LCEsmartr Playbook supports activities for those seeking certification or ISO 55000 alignment in the Playbook’s self-assessments and scoring and the processes, tools and online learning promote asset management system and capability development.

What the Playbook Can Help You Achieve

LCEsmartr Playbook has detailed standard work implementation packages including 50+ work process flow charts, detailed step definitions, responsibility charts and coaching cards for key reliability and asset management functions

You need a standard approach, proven best practices, and tools to support it.
Look no further, the LCEsmartr Playbook is your roadmap!

“The LCEsmartr playbook is an accelerator of change”

Director of Manufacturing

LCEsmartr Playbook offers more than training. It’s education. It’s about providing the foundation (the why) so that you can take those learnings and apply them to your job.

Corporate Reliability Manager

We want our team globally to continuously improve for themselves and the LCEsmartr playbook makes that possible.

Director, Global Engineering

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