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What We Do

What We Do


Create long-lasting cultural change.

How? High Impact Learning.

We believe learning is the path to results. Not just any learning, High Impact Learning.

Created by certified instructional designers and asset management experts to help teams:

  • Align: Clearly define desired learning outcomes.
  • Assimilate: Engage in applying what you already know to build relevant skills and knowledge in the class.
  • Apply: Using the skills and knowledge in your work environment makes the learning stick, causing a behavior change.

We bring together world-class instructors who implement learning strategies across industries to support the industry you operate in.

We partner with leading universities throughout the United States to offer certification programs for reliability engineers, maintenance and reliability leaders.
The Institute’s High Impact Learning programs deliver measurable results for our customers. Their success is how we measure our own success.
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“We’ve lived directly under the pressure of needing better, faster, cheaper, safer operations.”

Download the 3A Learning Process resource.
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