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Federal Services

Federal Services

Your operation running. Our mission accomplished.

Engineering, IT and maintenance solutions for U.S. military sectors and federal government. Talent. Expertise. Mentorship.
Supporting the success of U.S. military operations around the world for close to 50 years, we are privileged to put the most qualified experts on the job.

Teach and guide operations staff

Educate and guide operators on emerging technologies, asset management, virtualization and cybersecurity.


Act and fill service gaps

Get our hands dirty to help the U.S. armed forces execute their missions by recruiting veterans and technical experts to fill in the gaps in service and asset management.


Mentor and lead

Share decades of knowledge by continuous coaching to support operators on navigating military equipment.

“If you try to do it yourself, it is a sustained 10-12 years if you don’t have a reliability excellence program. Could go through 2 CEOs. The quickest way to shorten that timeline is to bring in the best of the world.”

Operations Leader

“Before you can do any analyzing the data, you need to trust the data, and the equipment needs to be running reliably.”

Plant Manager

“Changing how people think will empower them to do things differently. It’s the whole change management piece of the equation which is all part of the same challenge. Need to change the way people view things; instead of waiting for a problem you’re being proactive.”

Director of Engineering

“We have 35 sites. Can’t have a top-down approach with one procedure that each has to follow. What we can do from a corporate level is look at the philosophies and pass those down. Our role globally is much more around changing the culture and the mindset, and holding sites accountable, and providing the tools.”

Associate Director

“One of the things that jumped out was their strong educational services that are provided. A differentiator. Working with Universities, Life Cycle Institute.”

Director of Engineering

“The LCEsmartr playbook is an accelerator of change”

Director of Manufacturing

LCEsmartr Playbook offers more than training. It’s education. It’s about providing the foundation (the why) so that you can take those learnings and apply them to your job.

Corporate Reliability Manager

We want our team globally to continuously improve for themselves and the LCEsmartr playbook makes that possible.

Director, Global Engineering

When I think about why I continue to sign up for travel to remote parts of the world to live with operations teams for months at a time, it’s not because I have to. It’s because I want to see them get better, and I know I can help.


Rick Wheeler

Vice President, Professional Services

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