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Enterprise Learning Programs

Our mission is to enable people to reach their full potential. Our proprietary 3A Learning® process, combined with a High Impact Learning approach, consistently delivers results.

1. Align

We start engagements with a current state analysis to determine program goals, learning objectives, and success measures.

2. Assimilate

Next, we craft role-based learning paths, select appropriate learning interventions to meet performance goals, and develop custom training program elements.

3. Apply

In the final phase, we implement new knowledge and skills, deliver onsite coaching to reinforce learning, and report on progress and results the program has achieved.

Custom Training Programs -- Powered by LCEsmartr

When embarking on a global or large-scale improvement initiative, you need training that will align behavior and performance changes with your organization’s priorities. Successful enterprise learning programs look beyond training as a single event and offer a comprehensive and flexible catalog of courses that support the entire organization before, during and after implementation.

Through our LCEsmartr platform, Life Cycle Institute will curate learning paths and provide a learning ecosystem of reliability and asset management best practices to achieve your target business and cultural results.

Your Program Could Include:

Reliability Centered Maintenance (eRCM)

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling (eMPS)

Root Cause Analysis (eRCA)

Reliability Engineering Excellence (eREE)

MRO Storeroom Management (eMRO)

Predictive Maintenance Strategies (ePdMS)

Delivering 50+ hours of performance-based, interactive eLearning, equating to 18 days of instruction on topics like work management, reliability engineering and materials management – and MORE in development!

The Life Cycle Institute Experience is Different

Certified Professionals: The Life Cycle Institute team have a rare credential set that includes certified instructional designers, learning specialists (CPTD®), and reliability and maintenance professionals (CMRP, CRL)

Your Objectives: Learning is a process. We guide that process by defining objectives and success measures that prove the value of your investment

Flexible Delivery, Measureable Results: Whether you need an online course, classroom-based instruction or a blended solution, Life Cycle Institute will deliver comprehensive, performance-based learning to meet your business objectives

Global reach with multiple languages: Our solutions reach a global audience, establish a knowledge baseline, and create a common terminology across your organization

Looking for a custom fit? Partner with Life Cycle Institute learning professionals.

Training Needs Analysis

We can perform a training need analysis and provide actionable improvements for your program.

New Development

We engage with SMEs to develop custom classroom, live online, and self-paced eLearning.

Transform Course Format

We rapidly convert classroom-based courses into virtual or self-paced online training solutions.

Blended Learning

We can curate and integrate multiple training formats to meet specific objectives.

Contact us today to see how our learning experts can help your team reach their full potential and deliver a valuable return on your human capital investment.