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From Ethics to Profit: ESG’s Impact on Manufacturing – An LCE Podcast

Episode 6 of Get Smartr Podcast - an LCE Podcast

Join us for the latest episode of the Get Smartr Podcast as we dive deep into the world of sustainability, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), and its impact on manufacturing. Our guest, Paul Borders, a senior principal consultant and author at Life Cycle Engineering, brings his extensive knowledge and expertise to the forefront.

Explore how manufacturers are responding to evolving sustainability expectations, the financial benefits of ethical practices, and the critical role of ESG. Discover practical insights into prioritizing sustainability efforts, integrating ESG with Smart Manufacturing practices, and taking proactive first steps.

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For the Sake of Sustainability, Put People at Your Core

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The Get Smartr podcast brings together industrial asset management, engineering, reliability, maintenance, operations, human performance, and change management professionals and thought leaders for in-depth discussions and knowledge sharing of best practices for improving operational performance.

Each episode features interviews with Life Cycle Engineering’s subject matter experts, plus insights from past and current clients, executives, partners, and industry thought leaders. Through our episodes, listeners will gain a holistic view of how to achieve a “smart culture” that is foundational to improving performance, reducing risk, and engaging employees.