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Reliability Program Deployment Helps Global Manufacturer

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Reliability Program Deployment Helps Global Manufacturer Eliminate Recurring Downtime

A global metals manufacturer needed to take corrective measures to fix their frequent equipment failures from one of their hot mills. The facility realized the issues were beginning to affect their ability to meet customer demand, so they quickly sprang into action and began searching for outside expertise that could help identify the root cause of their equipment failures, develop processes to prevent future downtime, and provide on-site support to oversee the implementation of a new reliability improvement plan.

Getting to the root cause of the failure

A member of the facility’s leadership team identified and enlisted reliability engineering experts, Life Cycle Engineering (LCE), to support this effort. LCE conducted a complete performance review of the facility’s existing assets at their hot mill site, which included:

  • Data Evaluation
  • Loss Elimination Process Development
  • Proactive Root Cause Analysis

This approach was vital in understanding the facility’s current history of equipment failures, technical documents, equipment controls, and their processes for loss elimination and data gathering. Having this knowledge allowed both LCE and members of the facility’s maintenance team to evaluate the current maintenance strategy in order to transform their activities into a planned preventive maintenance approach that included a refreshed equipment maintenance plan and root cause analysis procedure.

Deploying a new reliability program to eliminate recurrence

After just a few weeks of on-site support and implementation from an LCE senior reliability engineer, the global manufacturing facility was able to get back on track to meet their customer orders. Through an organized effort from both teams, a thorough maintenance plan was constructed, along with other processes for identifying, analyzing, and tracking operational losses, to protect against the recurrence of unplanned downtime events. The metals manufacturer is now equipped with a comprehensive reliability program that can be replicated and implemented across multiple sites saving the organization nearly 60 hours of unplanned downtime.

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