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Strategic alignment, global design, and change are best achieved with fresh perspective from a third party

Facilitated strategic alignment, planning and global design workshops result in step-change performance improvements across your enterprise

Staying competitive means being agile, intentional and continuously improving and yet, if you can’t achieve strategic alignment within your leadership team, you can anticipate false starts, fumbles and maybe even interceptions.

We’ve all been in organizations that attempt to undertake change initiatives, then fail to meet objectives. Step changes aren’t easy.

Many organizations have a culture built around what they know, what they do and why it matters. That is a strength – knowing your business better than anyone. It can also make it difficult to see the world from the outside – from the perspective of your customers, partners or other stakeholders.

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How do you implement an enterprise-wide step change when you’re steeped in day-to-day operations?

The challenge grows if a  business is complex with a wide reach – the more varied your product/service mix, the more layered your delivery model, the more industries and geographies you serve, the more you need to focus on internal priorities…and the harder it gets to see the world from the outside in.

Consider involving an industry expert to offer insight, guidance, and a proven methodology for a successful enterprise transformation.

Strategic Alignment and Planning Workshops

At LCE, success happens when we help industrial organizations transform their businesses. Our workshop facilitators have first-hand experience in industrial operations and are experts in change management. We can guide your team through meaningful strategic alignment discussions and develop an implementation plan without bias.

In a strategic alignment workshop with your executive team, we will quantify opportunities and develop a shared understanding of your organization’s current-state performance. From there, we’ll help you apply organizational change management best practices to develop a roadmap for your organization’s performance improvement.

That roadmap will be an actionable plan summarizing your business case for change; clear alignment between your business objectives and program mission, vision and governing principles; integration between current initiatives and the change improvement program; and a program management plan with implementation, risk and change management plans.

Global Design Workshops

If your goal is to implement best practice business and work practices consistently across several sites, our global design workshops are for you. We will work with team members across your organization – from the executive leadership team to plant and engineering managers and other subject matter experts – to develop gold standard processes specific to your organization’s needs.After the workshop, we’ll finalize all work streams, processes and best practices content, and provide a roll-out plan so you can implement your new program across your sites. We can even provide an online system to manage your program in the LCEsmartr platform. Additionally, if you need help rolling out the program, we can help with that too.

At our core, LCE is focused on industrial asset management and optimization.

We’ll help you reduce operating costs and improve performance to increase productivity and output. But it’s not enough to address your physical assets. To be effective and sustainable, your asset management strategy needs to consider people, process and technology, too.

We’ll start understanding your current state, then assess opportunities, gaps and what it could look like when you’re making the most of each element of your operation – what we call a ‘smart culture.’ From there, we’ll work with you to develop the necessary processes and capabilities to create a measurable and robust transformational change plan.